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What is TOEFL? Why do people attempt TOEFL?
TOEFL is defined as Test of English as a Foreign Language, it is commonly dealt as a English language proficiency test. A certificate is given on successful attempt of this test. TOEFL is generally required for getting admission in any American college or a graduate school, this test is compulsory for America specifically. It is also needed when someone is going for an executive job. This is because institutions want a candidate to be as much proficient to make sure that he or she does not suffer with the language problem in future.
I am also preparing for TOEFL because the Graduate school i want to join, requires this proficiency certificate. It evaluates all possible ways of communication which are Reading, Listening, Speaking, and Writing. Following is the description of how this test is taken and what is the sequence of the tasks.
The reading test is first part of it. The reading section checks that if a candidate is able to read the content properly and understands the matter of the text. In this test a passage is displayed on the screen, and a candidate is required to read it. Then after reading a bunch of questions come on screen one by one regarding the text, all maximum questions are multiple choice questions, and a candidate is required to mark the answer. The time is generally provided for reading a single passage and answering the question is 20 minutes.
After reading there comes a Listening task, this task evaluates the ability of a candidate to listen. This is done by playing several audios which can be a lecture, a discussion between 2 students, a discussion between a teacher and a student, or maybe 2 teachers discussing any topic. When a candidate listens the audio completely, some questions are displayed about the content of the audio passage. The answering process will be same as Multiple choice questions will be asked. The audio can be of 2 to 3 minutes, the time of 6 minutes is gives to answer. There once answers for the first passage are done another audio starts and a candidate has to answer the questions in the time left from the 1st audio.
The third test is of speaking, in which the speaking ability of a candidate is checked. There are different types of questions asked which varies from each other. In first question a candidate is asked about his personal preferences after which 15 seconds of time is given for preparation, and 45 seconds time is given for response. In 2nd question the candidate is asked about some his personal opinion regarding any topic and the time for preparation and response is same. Now a series of 4 different integrated tasks are played. In 3rd question firstly a passage is displayed which can be any sort of campus announcement and after that an audio is played between 2 people. In response a candidate has to give an answer in form of report by mentioning the content of notice and what that audio is about. In the 4th question, a passage appears which can be a part of a text book or article or any theory, then an audio will be played it can be a lecture regarding the topic. A candidate has to speak for 60 seconds and tell the relationship between the passage and the audio. In the 5th task only a listening passage will be played regarding two people discussing on some problems and some solutions regarding it. A candidate has to discuss the problem and the possible solutions mentioned in the passage. A candidate must provide his or her opinion that which possible solution is better in his or her point of view. The main thing in integrated tasks is the response time which will be of 60 seconds only.
The fourth and final task will be of writing, which consists of 2 major portions. First one is an Essay. A topic will be provided and the candidate will be required to write an essay with his or her own prospective of at least 300 words. The time provided will be 30 minutes. The other task in writing section is Integrated task. In this task a reading passage is displayed and 3 minutes are given for reading and making points. Then a listening passage will be played which will be describing about some solution or outcome of the topic, this audio will also be of 3 minutes. A candidate will be given 20 minutes to write on the topic. A candidate has to describe the reading passage and afterwards the relation between the listening passage. A candidate is not required to give his or her own opinion.

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