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English Language course in Karachi Pakistan

Well in Pakistan English language means a lot, as in every field there is major requirement of this language, like a legal documentation and others.
In comparison with others Karachi is one of the busiest cities of Pakistan. Here many different languages are spoken, but English is one of the languages mostly used. However, English is not very much common medium of speech in all areas, but one can never deny the importance of this language.
English is used even in schools. It actually is considered as a compulsory task, children are required to learn it to make a better understanding about the courses as they are taught is generally in English medium. Even English language is now a days used as a basic criteria for selecting employees in many organizations. And also it creates a good impression about interviewee. Selectors mostly prefer those who are fluent in English especially for Marketing jobs, in which an employee has to interact with the foreign customers.
As for an example, it is known that English is an international medium of interaction. Maximum countries use English for foreign relations, unlike some countries as China, Japan, Korea, they don’t even bother to use English commonly rather they prefer their native languages. But when it comes to the foreign relations, conferences or meetings the major medium of speech is English because it is most common language. Recently a technology is being introduced which basically translates the languages. This is now used very common.
In spite of all the national languages of Pakistan, English is still a major medium. In governmental or any private organizations all the documentation is done in English. Whereas Karachi is a business hub, there are many head offices of companies. And if any company wants to do business at international level, the medium of language to deal is English.
English is also sometimes called as language of elite class, as it is a sophisticated language and also reflects the decency of the personality. There are some cream areas in Karachi where the Upper class society lives like business owners, senior executives of any company, foreign migrated people, or the ones who are settled in some foreign countries. All these people normally use English as a first medium of language.
I worked at a private company in past in Karachi, there i used my language skills. Actually they wanted me to translate all the directions of health and safety documentations in Urdu. The company was in great need of this to be done, as the directions provided by the health safety organizations were in English and due maximum number of workers is illiterate or less educated and they were not able to understand the requirements. So my unit head asked me to translate the document.
There are many foreign embassies in Karachi, and this is obvious that the foreign staffs are illiterate of Urdu and not everyone is able to understand their native language. Here comes the importance of this language. So both the staff and the coordinators use English to interact and understand.
English is not considered as important as Urdu in Pakistan, This is not just because Urdu is our national language but it is very common.
In conclusion, it can be said that English is a very important language in Pakistan. And if we talk about Karachi, it is compulsory at least for executive society and students.

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